3 YouTubers Did Kiki Challenge In Mumbai Local. RPF’s Punishment Is A Lesson For All

Don’t you think that #KikiChallenge has been trending for too long now and it’s time that people should come up with something new?

The videos of people taking #KikiChallenge are in good number on the social media platforms including the videos of many celebrities as well. People are taking this challenge despite the fact that it is risky not just for them but also for others.

The police of various states made requests not to take up this challenge and even issued warning but it seems as if nothing else will do other than punishment.

Three men have been arrested by RPF for taking this challenge on a moving train. All three are associated with a YouTube channel and their names are Nishant Rajendra Shah (20), Dhruv Anil Shah (23), and Shyam Rajkumar Sharma (24). In the video, one of them dances on the platform while two shoot him from the moving train.

According to a report published in TOI, police tracked the boys with the help of an ambulance owner whose ambulance was also featured in the video. The Virar RPF Inspector told that the men have been booked under sections 145(b), 147 and 156 of the Railways act. As per another official, all three of them cried after getting arrested.

The Vasai railway court has punished these men but in a different manner. As punishment, these 3 will be cleaning the Vasai railway station three times in a week. They also have to visit the stations between 11 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm and request people not to take #KikiChallenge or any such challenge that risks the lives of people. They also need to shoot clips of themselves while serving sentence and submit the clips in the court as proof.

Here is the video after which all this happened:

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Don’t you think that the railway court has given the correct punishment to reform these 3 guys?

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