Airlines Asked A Woman To Cover Up Or Leave For Wearing Crop Top On Flight, This Is So Wrong

From time to time, we come across stories on the internet where women are “instructed” on what clothes to wear and the ones that might attract the wrong kind of attention. And it makes our blood boil with rage.

I mean, it is 2019, guys. And we still need men to dictate what we can and cannot wear?

This latest incident has been going viral, and for the right reasons. A British woman named Emily O’Connor was travelling from Bham to Tenerife via Thomas Cook airlines and underwent a harrowing experience for her choice of clothes.

In her tweet, the girl can be seen wearing a black crop top and beige pants – a combination that seems perfectly acceptable to us. But clearly, it offended the crew on board.

They raised concerns about her outfit and told her that it was inappropriate. They even gave her an ultimatum – she had to cover up or she would be removed from the flight.

Emily shared her account on Twitter:

She even created a poll on Twitter, where people could share their opinions on her outfit:

She continued:

She was apparently even verbally abused by passengers on board:

The experience has clearly left her traumatized:

This was the epitome of misogyny and the women later claimed how embarrassed and humiliated she felt. After the incident went viral, Thomas Cook airlines also issued an apology.

They said that like most airlines, Thomas Cook too had a stringent attire policy. However, the crew on board should have done a better job of handling the situation.

This is downright shameful.


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