Amul Took A Jibe At Petrol Price Hike In Bollywood Style. See The Hilarious Cartoon

Prices of petrol and diesel are increasing significantly and the day is not far when the situation will be more serious. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that common people will think twice before purchasing petrol or won’t be able to afford it if the hike continues for a couple of years.

As we know that Amul reacts on every important topic and takes a jibe with a touch of humour, the brand once again did it with its new cartoon.

Amul’s new ad shows the famous girl on a petrol pump and she looks quite puzzled, upset or helpless while giving hard-earned money to the man who fills petrol in vehicles. The text on the cartoon is “Fuel Aur Kaante” while at the same time, it also asks people to buy Amul products as they give energy at affordable prices, unlike petrol.

Here’s the cartoon:

Amul shared it on the micro-blogging site Twitter with caption, “#Amul Topical: Petrol prices hit all time high!”

Twitterati loved the ad and praised the creator; however at one fell swoop, they didn’t fail to remind Amul that the prices of its products are also increasing day by day!

Check out some selected tweets:











How did you find Amul’s cartoon? Do you feel that Amul should also reduce the price of its products just like it’s asking the government to do so indirectly? Let us know your views.

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