Bigg Boss 11: Priyank & Luv Get Into An Ugly Fight; Priyank Says Luv Is No More His Friend

Fights are a common thing in the house of Bigg Boss and sometimes we also get to watch those contestants fighting with each other who call themselves as friends and pledge to never betray each other.


A lot of drama is going inside the house of Bigg Boss for the selection of new captain and in recent times, something happened which has brought Luv and Priyank on the opposite sides.

In a promotional video posted by Colors channel on Twitter, it can be seen that first Luv and Priyank are arguing with each other, then Priyank tells Luv that after last night, they are no more friends and a little later, Luv is seen in a very angry mood as Priyank has talked to him in an abusive language.

Luv asks Priyank not to abuse while the latter challenged the former to do whatever he can.

Hina Khan tried to pacify them but nothing helped and it seems as if the friendship of Luv and Priyank is on stake.


Watch The Video:

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Will Priyank and Luv will be on good terms again? What do you have to say about the video? Let us know.

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