Bollywood Stars Send Condolences After The Surat Fire Claimed Lives Of Innocent Children

A lot of innocent children lost their lives after a tragic incident in Surat. A fire broke out in the coaching institute and claimed the lives of almost 20 children. Fire brigade personnel found charred remains of children in the devastating incident.

Another 20 children were heavily injured and admitted to the hospital, to escape the fire many of them jumped from the 4-floor building. Authorities said the fire broke after a short circuit in the transformer.

Late night FIR was lodged against 3 people, including the owner of the of Takshashila Arcade in Sarthana area and the person who ran the coaching center.

The news of this tragic incident spread and everyone offered their condolences, including there B-stars.

It is sad that there was only one entry and exit and there was not efficient fire safety.
It is sad how this incident could be avoided if everyone

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