Breastfeeding Room To Be Set Up At Taj Mahal, See How Twitter Reacted

Breastfeeding is very normal and natural for every mother and a child but is still a taboo in Indian society. A phase through which every human being has gone is not so ordinary sight when someone else does it. And when a woman breastfeeds her hungry child in public places, people not stare at her and make her uncomfortable but also shame her.

To save the new mothers from unwanted attention and weird staring Archeological Survey Of India has taken a developing approach.

The ASI has confirmed that a separate breastfeeding room will be set up at several heritage monuments in the country starting with the Taj Mahal. ASI also confirmed that the rooms will be set up by July to make the ‘millions of mothers who visit with their babies’ feel comfortable.

After Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri will also have the facility of breastfeeding room. There are more than 3,600 heritage sites in India and the ASI focuses on providing such facilities for mothers at all of them.

An official at ASI Vasant Kumar said that the decision was taken after observing the difficulties faced by mothers who visited the monument.

See how Twitter reacted to this news:

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