Emraan Hashmi Was Seen Sporting His Yellow Lamborghini In Mumbai, Desi’s Ask,’ Where Will You Drive Though’

This Tuesday on July 9th Emraan Hashmi was seen sporting his new yellow Lamborghini on the streets of Mumbai. It is no doubt that it bought colors to a gloomy Mumbai day. And when you know it costs this much, you better flaunt it!

Emraan Hashmi is now a proud owner of a beautiful yellow Lamborghini, a video of him driving the beauty to his residence has surfaced online. A lot of people congratulated him on his magnificent collectible, while others were more concerned about where will the actor drive it?

Mumbai rains have been a pain in the bum and the whole city floods with just a hearty rain. People were concerned about how Emraan will enjoy the car with potholes and knee-deep water?

This is how people reacted :

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