Everyone Wants Answers To These 13 Logical Questions About Sridevi’s Death Mystery

Sridevi died on 24th of February in Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates hotel. This news created a lot of havoc and left us in tears. Since the news is out, there have been various reports about her death.


Earlier, there were reports that she died due to cardiac arrest. However, the forensic report was out today and it shocked us to no end. In the report, it was written that Sridevi’s death happened due to “Accidental drowning”. Even Dubai police confirmed the same and passed on the case to the Public Prosecution.

This is indeed a big twist in the case and people have all sorts of questions in their mind. After thoroughly analyzing social media platforms, we came across these 13 questions that people are asking. Do you have answers to these?

1. Why was Sridevi alone in Dubai for 2 days?

2. Why did Boney Kapoor return to India alone on 21st of February?

3. Why did he go to Dubai once again on 24th of Feb?

4. If cause of death was drowning then why Cardiac arrest reason was made public earlier?

5. Sridevi didn’t go out of the hotel room for 2 days. Why? Was she depressed or upset with something?

6. Why Forensic reports look unprofessional? There are so many mistakes in the report. Spelling of Drowning is Drawning and instead of Indian, “India” is written.

7. Boney Kapoor checked bathroom at 7.30 but informed police at 9.30. Why did he wait for 2 hours?

8. Why was forensic report signed by preventive medicine director and not forensic department?

9. How can forensic report state that drowning is “Accidental”?

10. How can a mature adult drown in a bath tub?

11. How the video of Sridevi hugging Boney kapoor came out as the last video? Was that shot purposely?

12. If she was that drunk, why was no one with her? Why was she allowed to take shower?

13. What must have Boney Kapoor and Sridevi talked in those 15 minutes before she went to bathroom?

Do you have answers to these 13 logical questions. If yes, please share them with us.

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