Goa Politician Bashed On Twitter For Calling Sleeping passengers On Airport ‘Cheap’

The Vice President of Goa Forward Party Durgadas Kamat landed into trouble recently. On Tuesday he tweeted a photo of some passengers sleeping on the ground at the Goa airport. sharing the picture he called the resing passengers “cheap” and “scum”.

Kamat wrote, “Scene @aaigoaairport .Do we need such cheap tourist in Goa ? @aaigoaairport should act on this . We don’t need scum like these to visit Goa. We need quality tourist ,who will come ,spend & enjoy Goa & its beauty . #BrandGoa cannot be compromised at any cost.”

The politician’s tweet did not do down well with the twitter users. Twitterians were disgusted over Kamat’s tweet and started bashing him for his insensitivity. While some retaliated in passenger’s defense, some called the politicians names.













What was even more depressing was a promise to Kamat that instances like this won’t repeat from a person in charge of the airport base.

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