Here Is Why Men Are Going Wild Over This Snapchat Filter That Makes Them Look Like Women!

Snapchat the multi-messaging app which is famous for its variation of filters. Each one of us at least has one picture with the dog filter or face swaps. Snapchat was launched in 2011 but the application has oozed fame in the last 24 hours.

Netizens are going insane with the new filter released by the company a gender swap filter. Well, the netizens believe this is by far the best filter ever!

This mind-boggling filter turns a girl into a boy or vice versa. People will fail to a glitch in the filter by which you can assume the person has used the filter and doesn’t look like that.

The filter has created a new buzz in social media as the netizens are using it to prank people. Men are using it to create a female tinder profile taking pictures of themselves as girls.

Men have finally understood by using the gender swap filter to catfish guys up on tinder. What women go through when they use any of the dating apps and how many creeps we face.

Twitter is flooded with some of the hilarious gender swap pranks, have a glance at the best :











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