India Is Now A Space Power After Mission Shakti, Twitterati Cannot Keep Calm.

Yesterday was a proud moment for the Indians, for achieving a great significance, where great progress and development is concerned. In an impromptu address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the huge success of Mission Shakti. As we all know, Mission Shakti is India’s first test of an anti-satellite weapon(ASAT).

After the success of this test, India became quite powerful and strongly established itself as a prominent space power after USA(1958), China(2007) and Russia (1964), to possess that extraordinary capability of destroying or incapacitate a low or live earth orbit satellite.

So, this was the announcement, we were waiting for yesterday, when PM Modi declared about it. People were glued to their nearest sources, mostly panicking and revisiting his infamous announcement on demonetization. After this address every Indians were proud, we are proud how DRDO made such a successful project which gave India new strength in the international community as well.

We are proud of our scientists but at the same time Twitterati could not help but point how leaders of our nation is politicizing it, with the Lok Sabha elections just around the corner. Here are some.












So, what is your opinion on this?

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