Indian And Aussie Fans Have A Heated Argument About Virat And Tim Paine’s Cold War

The controversies in the latest India versus Australia series don’t just seem to end. And unfortunately, Virat Kohli has been at the centre of most of them.

In fact, Tim Paine and Virat Kohli’s heated argument was the talk of the town, with each taking jibes against the other. Their verbal wars caught international attention, and people across the country expressed their opinions on it.

Recently, the two shared a cold handshake, which has again triggered reactions from the media and from Netizens. After Australia’s victory, Tim Paine came over to shake Virat’s hand.

While Paine seemed cheerful and even offered a friendly pat on the back, Virat merely shook the captain’s hands and walked away. Clearly, he is still not over it.

But Twitter had mixed reactions on this. Check it out:

Some people defended Virat:

In fact, people said that he was justified in behaving this way:

Someone else had a different opinion:

People felt that he needed to be more humble:

Virat’s loyal fans did not fail to give back to the Aussie fans:

Australian fans were obviously bent on proving the Indian fans wrong:

Which side are you on?


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