Jimmy Neesham Was Called [email protected]@ndu On Twitter. His Hilarious Reply Made The User Delete His Tweet

New Zealand cricketer, Jimmy Neesham understands India and Hindi abuses more than Indians know. He has proved this before and he continues to do so.

It was last year when someone on Twitter used the word, “[email protected]@ndu” for him and Jimmy told him that he knows the meaning.

Again this year when someone told him to use the abusive hashtag #PKMKB, Jimmy had a clear No as the answer

But it seems people here will take time to understand the fact that the NZ player is quite familiar to Hindi abuses. A Twitter user recently used the word “[email protected]@ndu” again for Jimmy and he had a funny reply for him.

Jimmy wrote-

Still trying the Hindi insult thing are we? Good stuff 🙄

His reply made the user delete his tweet and tweet again. He said-

Bhai Dil p mat Lena ❤️ ! I love you tbh (Bro, don’t take it to the hear, I love you to be honest)

Twitter loved Jimmy’s reply and here’s how they reacted-








Isn’t that hilarious?


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