John Abraham Gave Gyaan Of Not Burning Crackers This Diwali, Got Trolled In The Most Epic Way

Recently Alia Bhatt and her mother Soni Razdan got trolled left and right on Twitter for sharing a video message in which Soni asked people not to burn crackers this Diwali as it pollutes the environment and disturbs our pets and animals whom we love. Soon after sharing this, Twitterati asked them as to where their gyaan goes at the time of Christmas, New Year and the rest of the year, adding that they care for animals only during Diwali and not on Bakrid when they feast on goats.

Now another Bollywood personality John Abraham has made a similar post and asked people to spread only love this Diwali and say No to crackers.

He shared the pic of a dog covering both its ears from its hands to save itself from the noise created by the burning of firecrackers. The message on the photo read, “No Patakas Only Love!”

And at the end 5 ways to help animals this Diwali were mentioned. Here they are:

“1. Go noise-free – celebrate with lamps, sweets and happiness

2. Keep your pets indoors – Add collar name tags for your pets to prep for an emergency

3. Keep the strays safe – provide temporary shelter in your society or homes

4. Be vigilant – Keep an eye on your local strays

5. Consult a Vet or AMTM immediately, in case of an injury or burn”

Check out the pic:

Here’s the tweet:

Soon people started slamming John for being biased and come up with this gyaan only on Diwali while remaining silent on Eid when lives of innocent animals are being taken.

Check out some of the selected tweets:













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