Journalist Says He Hasn’t Washed His Hands In 10 Years, Netizens Are Completely Disgusted

There IS such a thing as too much information, and maybe it’s okay to keep some things to yourself. For instance, harmless trivia about what you do to maintain basic hygiene.

But clearly, no one told Pete Hegseth of Fox News who made a complete fool of himself when he ended up confessing something extremely personal on national television.

He was in a conversation with two other people, when he said very confidently that he has not washed his hands in 10 years. He also mentioned he did not feel the need to.

He said he did not believe in germs for he could not see them and thus they did not exist for them. This was definitely a confession we had not asked for, and to be honest, this is pretty disgusting.

We thought so too, but clearly not.

In fact, we’re shocked that people agree with him:

Just because you can’t see bacteria, doesn’t mean they’re not there! :/

Same here, bro, same here.

LOL, that’s what I was focusing on when I played the video again!

Good question.

Please, guys. Don’t follow his example. We urge you.


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