Meet The Man Behind The Voice “Bigg Boss Chahte Hain”. He’s The One Who Makes Announcements.

This is the eleventh seasons of Bigg Boss and it’s as exciting as ever. This season has some extra spice of controversies; fans are getting something new each passing day.

Just last few weeks of BB 11 are remaining and so, the tensions and fights have increased by leaps and bounds. But wait, we have our Bigg Boss to settle things in the house in his own calm andaaz.

Since 2006 i.e. the first season, we have been hearing the voice of invisible Bigg Boss. He has a subtle way of handling things. It is his responsibility to assign tasks and explain things to the contestants. In difficult times, it is Bigg Boss who sorts out everything.

We can’t see him, but his voice is indeed magical. In fact, many of them watch the show only to hear this strong and confident voice. But wait, don’t you want to know the man behind it?

Well, he is an Indian actor Atul Kapoor. He has a very good grip over Hindi and English languages and this is the reason he has been in charge of announcements right from season 1. He has dubbed many foreign movies into Hindi, some best ones being “Avengers”, “Iron Man”, “Captain America: Civil War”, “Chronicles of Riddick” and “Sherlock Holmes”.

Won’t you like to see the pictures of the man who keeps saying ‘Bigg Boss Chahte Hain”?


Oh, so he’s the man..


We love his deep voice…


We hope to see him in next seasons too…


It is said that he receives a handsome pay cheque for making the announcements. We really wish to see him oops hear him in future too.

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