Nagpur Police Promotes Road Safety With Bollywood-Inspired Valentine’s Day Tweet. Twitter Loves It

Social media networks have become a great platform for sharing updates on various matters as well as expressing one’s opinion. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been encouraging the constructive use of social media from the beginning of his tenure and this is the reason as to why various departments of government are now active on social media.

The police departments of various states have also started interacting with citizens through social media networks, especially the micro-blogging site Twitter. Undoubtedly, the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Police is among the top favorites of netizens when it comes to adding humour or sarcasm with any message.

But now Nagpur Police is also leaving no stone unturned in making its presence felt on social media as it also shares some really cool messages on a regular basis.

The month of February is the month of love as the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in this month and social media is already flooded with memes and jokes over it.

Taking a cue from the Valentine’s Day, Nagpur Police also posted a message which was focused on making people aware on the need of being alert while on road.

Here is what they tweeted,

“Valentine’s day

  alentine’s day

    lentine’s day

     entine’s day

      ntine’s  day

         tine’s day

          ine’s day

           ne’s day

             e’s day

               ‘s day


                    ay Bhai Zara Dekhke Chalo !!


Check out the tweet:

As this tweet went viral, Twitterati started praising Nagpur Police for their witty side while some users began to show their creativity and came up with hilarious reactions that will make you go ROFL:












We must say that the Nagpur Police has just nailed it and now netizens will keep a check on their Twitter handle for some more creative and funny stuffs! What do you say?


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