Netflix And Hotstar Get Into An Argument, Their Fight On Twitter Is The Best Thing You Will See Today

Netflix, Hotstars have the actual stars of this summer. After IPL, Avengers: Endgame, and the end of Game of Thrones we relying on them this summer. Yes, the colleges are out, schools are out and offices, well they are always out. This summer as boredom kicks in, Netflix and Hotstars are our saviors.

Well, Netflix knows how we feel about it and they have the sweetest messages for its users.

To which a user replied, that he might be in a serious relationship with Netflix but he cheats occasionally with Hotstar.

Hotstar was glad to see this and said that they are not guilty about this whatsoever.

Netflix said that you might cheat but no one can make you binge watch like us.

Their friendly battle was so amusing, that is was the talk of the binge watchers. It is cute to see them fighting like this for us. You might not have a partner who gets jealous but Netflix and Hotstar understand.

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