‘Never Abuse The Game’, Waqar Younis Takes A Dig At Team India, Desi’s Show Him To Never Mess With Us

We are officially out of the World Cup, our Men in Blue fought hard and lost only one match in the series. Sometimes things do not go the way we think they should go and it is heartbreaking. With the top 3 players losing their wickets back to back, Indians had slim hopes to win. But the team did not give up. While netizens were unhappy some people were quivering with joy. Among them was Waqar Younis.

When India was playing England, if India would have won that game, Pakistan would still be in the game or so they say. India lost and people thought that they purposely lost to make Pakistan loose. Dhoni’s poor performance in the game added flam to the fire. Waqar Younis after India’s defeat posted a tweet saying that one should always respect the game and karma comes back. The tweet read,” Such a brutal game this Cricket and a great leveller… Bites you back when you are expecting the least #CWC19 I learnt a great lesson today “Never Abuse The Game” #INDvsNZL”

People were furious after this, some called him hypocrite after he was found guilty of match-fixing and some were pure angry by his tweet. See, how they reacted :

Waqar was sure given a taste of his own medicine.

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