Pak Journalist Called Dhoni Best Finisher In The World. Got Slammed By Pakistanis

Dhoni is loved by one and all. He is indeed a great finisher and no one can deny that, isn’t it? Not only does Mahi get love from India, but he gets appreciation and praises from across the border too.

IPL is going on currently and even Pakistanis enjoy it. They can’t stop lauding Dhoni for the way he has played in the recent matches.

A Pakistani sports journalist Zainab Abbas couldn’t control her emotions when she saw Dhoni finishing off in the best way in the match against RCB. She couldn’t stop herself from tweeting about Dhoni’s excellent batting.

This is what she tweeted;

She said, “And he has done JUST that!!”

And one more…

“A chance for @msdhoni to remind the world that he is still the best finisher in the world,what a hit”

Seeing this tweet from Zainab, Pakistanis just couldn’t digest it. They slammed her left and right for speaking good about IPL. They felt that since she’s a Pakistani, she shouldn’t praise Indian Premier League.

Why promoting them?




Badi aai!

World’s best finisher!

Don’t know what trollers are upto. Should we bring India-Pakistan between sports too?

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