Police Inspector Slapped Man Who Questioned Him About Traffic Due To VIP Movement. Video Is Viral

Do you think VIP culture will end, as promised by our PM Modi? Forget small villages or towns, what if we hear about VIP racism incidents in our very own capital New Delhi?

Last year in the month of May, the cabinet had already taken the decision that VIP vehicles won’t have red beacon lights on them. We definitely appreciated this, but today, we again have the same question, “Will VIP culture really end?”, after seeing a viral video.

Well, a common man got slapped by a police inspector when he questioned him about the traffic jam that was caused due to President’s convoy.

For nearly 1 hour, all vehicles were stopped and roads were blocked due to President’s convoy. A doctor Jitesh Sahgal was frustrated when he had to wait in the traffic jam for 1 hour. The traffic jam was as long as 4 kms.

Jitesh got off his car and asked the policemen the reason for this jam. Firstly, they told military personnel’s cars broke down but then, revealed the actual reason i.e. President’s convoy.

When the matter heated up, the police inspector literally slapped him. Jitesh recorded the entire video and shared the same on Facebook; it has already received 50k plus shares till now.

Click here to watch the video directly on Facebook.

And here’s one more video in that connection…

Click here to watch the video directly on Facebook.

So, what do you have to say after watching the videos? Till when will common man be taken for granted?

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