Prakash Neupane: A Dyanmic Musician from Nepal

Prakash Neupane: A Dynamic Musician from Nepal

There are very few people under the age of 21 to do great things and achieve great milestones that many people older than they haven’t achieved yet. We were given practical work to find such people in Nepal and we started our research from Kathmandu district of Nepal and we didn’t find any such people. Then, we thought of going to the Mid-Western region of Nepal and our main destination was Kohalpur. When we reached Kohalpur and asked people if they knew any such people, they told “Prakash Neupane”. We asked some people about Prakash Neupane and we found out that he is the one who needed for our survey.

Then, we went to his home and asked some questionnaires to him. The main highlights of our survey taken with Mr.Neupane can be read below. Prakash Neupane is a permanent resident of Kolhapur, Nepal and is 21 years old. He is a popular Nepali R&B singer in his area as well as in many places of Nepal. As he is also a music composer and creates his own new things on the music, he likes being called a Lil’ G. As a result, many people know him as Lil’ G.

We found out that he is not only an R&B singer but also a Rapper, Blogger, Poet, Music Composer and social worker. Prakash Neupane has won Tuborg Music Award for the best male debut male singer for his song “Sunana” and has been nominated for OS Music Award. He is one of the staff of an NGO which works on the behalf of orphans Children’s. Prakash has worked for different organizations till date. His first job was at Traffic Headquarters, Kathmandu as a Traffic Volunteer, where he did social work from May of 2017 to September of 2017. He is currently working on his new album Sabda. He has released three albums till now.

Not only that, he has started his own Record label called “The Light Records”. The Light Records has its own recording studio and video production to the artist of the record label. He had released various hit songs of his own like Aaideuna, Maya Basa, Sunana, Bang Bang & U Got Me. Prakash’s songs are of Next Level and an inspiration to many Nepali youths. He is one of the best rappers right now in Nepal whose video is of high quality and with rich content.

take a look at most famous songs of Prakash Neupane 

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