Salman Khan Loses Control Over His Anger In Katrina’s Defense

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s friendship is one of the strongest in Bollywood and Salman had stood beside Katrina in all phases of her life. His love and respect for Katrina are above all and he has defended her time and again. He introduced her to the film industry and guided her, he even offered her his shoulder after break up with Ranbir Kapoor.

Recently in a chat show, Salman Khan was asked a question about Katrina Kaif and he unexpectedly lost his control. Khan was asked, for which movie Katrina was nominated as the Filmfare Best Actress.


Bhaijaan took a jibe at the award functions for never honoring her with one. He said that she deserves an award even a national award.

For him, it is wrong to put Katrina in nominations that will play everywhere on television but not giving her the award because somebody else went and performed there. Nominating her and then not giving her award which she deserves is not fair.

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