Sonam Kapoor Blasts Vivek Oberoi For Sharing An ‘Exit Poll’ Meme Involving Salman, Aishwarya And Abhishek

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 created a turmoil in the country and the citizens united to cast their votes for the nation. The Lok Sabha election poll comes to an end after being held in seven phases.

Currently as the exit polls of Lok Sabha Election 2019 is going on and the entire nation is looking forward to the final verdict. The exit polls came with their prediction which is in the favour of BJP. The netizens were quick to react with the memes as soon as the exit polls were out.

A particular was immensely circulated and got viral which includes Aishwarya Rai, Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi and Abhishek Bachchan. The viral meme on Twitter grabbed the attention of actor Vivek Oberoi. Vivek Oberoi retweeted the meme which had their lady Aishwarya Rai in question?

The creative meme basically highlights Salman and Aishwarya’s relationship as the ‘opinion poll’, the love affair of Vivek and Aishwarya as ‘exit poll and the family picture of Aishwarya and Abhishek with their daughter Aaradhya as ‘final result’.

Vivek Oberoi retweeted the meme with the caption Haha! creative! No politics here….just life.

Actress Sonam Kapoor slammed the Saathiya actor for sharing the distasteful meme on Twitter. She called the actor disgusting and classless.

However, the actor received a lot of backlash from the netizens after retweeting the picture.











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