Supreme Court Gives Verdict On Sreesanth’s Spot Fixing Scandal, Lifts Ban After 5 Years

Good news for Sreesanth fans, the Supreme Court has cancelled the ban on the cricketer which had been imposed by the BCCI following a spot fixing scandal.

In 2013 in a match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in Mohali in the Indian Premiere League, Sreesanth had been accused and found guilty in a match fixing scandal which had let to a lifetime ban on him.

Sreesanth returned to the spotlight with Bigg Boss last year, where he was the finalist. The show was also the first time he spoke up on his scandal and how the ban affected him.

He spoke about how he was innocent and how the ban had been nothing short of emotional torture for him. It was his emotional outbreaks during the show which drew in support of his fans and followers who demanded that the ban be lifted.

A few minutes ago, the Supreme Court passed the order to lift the ban on Sreesanth. However, the Court has not taken back the findings of guilt or the evidence against Sreesanth.

In his last hearing which was on March 1st, Sreesanth had claimed that the ban was unfair because he had been forced to give a confession by the Delhi Police. Confession under duress cannot be used against him.

Fans on social media are ecstatic:







Welcome back, Sreesanth.


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