This Stand Up Comedian Slammed The Indian Government’s Approach To Meghalaya Mining Tragedy

Before I start, I am sure that many of you may not even be aware of the tragedy, and I don’t blame you. The Indian government would rather have you see Kirron Kher’s antics in the parliament.

On 15th December, 2018, 15 miners got trapped in a rat hole mine located in the East Jaintia Hill district of Meghalaya. It has been a month since then, and the Indian government has practically done nothing to save these people.

It is not even known if the miners are alive at present.

Abhineet Mishra, who is a stand up comedian, performs his piece in an empty room without audience. All quite symbolic, if you ask me. This is the amount of attention that the Meghalaya Mining Tragedy has received from the government.

Abhineet highlights how a large number of people are completely oblivious about this, and he does not blame them. After all, the Indian media would opt for stories that give them more ratings.

Who cares about a few miners trapped in a mine, right? Instead, why not focus on Taimur?

Abhineet says at the very beginning, “Our media is fascinated about other things like Rahul Gandhi winking at Modiji, Rahul baba hugging Modiji.”

He is from Meghalaya, and he knows how the Indian government has grossly neglected its duties in the past few years.

A lack of resources or even the basic facilities needed for survival are just some of them.

By the end of the 6 minute long video, you might find yourself in tears. Or faced with a terrible silence, as the truth is revealed to you.

If his sarcastic take on the Meghalaya mining tragedy does not move you, we don’t know what will.

Ever since Abhineet put up the video, it has gone viral and has garnered major support from Indians across the country.







Abhineet clearly mentions in his Facebook post, that if people were looking for humour, they would not find it here. He is a man who can write jokes, but clearly, the politicians are doing a better job.

In another satiric post, he shared this:

We salute you for your stand up, Abhineet. Thank you, every Indian needed to watch this. Watch the full 6 minute video here:

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Maybe the Indian government will finally be taking note. We can only hope.


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