Time Traveller From Future Believes Govt Is Looking For Him. He Is Scared Of Disappearing

Time Traveller named “Noah” from future has been in the news constantly thanks to the big revelations and predictions made by him. With the help of YouTube, he has made some great claims like Humans will start living on Mars in the next 10 years, war will break between North Korea and South Korea.

If this was not enough, he hinted about Donald Trump bein re-elected as the US president, increase in Global warming and Artificial intelligence etc.

In fact, recently he revealed how the US will look like in 2030 and how the Philippines could form a mega-country in coming years. He talked about humans taking the first step towards immortality, aliens visiting Earth and lot more.

However, the man is scared of his life now and is worried that he might have set off a lot of alarms for the government. He told that there are people who are searching for him and if he suddenly disappears in the future then there’s something really bad. He said that he’ll be caught by the government soon and it will take him somewhere.

Well, we just hope he keeps on sharing more details with us in future.


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