Viral Video Shows Mother Bird Stopping A Moving Tractor To Protect Her Eggs. Twitter Gets Emotional

There is no denying the fact that no one loves a person more than his/her mother and the same holds true for animals as well. We have seen instances in which a mother has crossed all the limits to save her child but today we will show you a clip which will not only shock you but also leave you in an emotional state.

This viral video was posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter by China Global Television Network (@CGTNOfficial) in which a small bird is seen forcing a tractor driver to stop his tractor in order to save her eggs.

The incident took place in China’s Ulanqab city and the good thing is that the driver was also a kind-hearted person who left a water bottle near the bird as it was pretty hot.

Watch The Video:

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The video has touched the heart of many social media users and they have poured their hearts out in their tweets. Check out some of the selected reactions:








This incident has once again proved that it is not just the humans who have feelings and emotions but animals are also equally caring and protective towards their loved ones.

Humans should behave more responsibly when it comes to the wildlife and should work for their preservation. What do you say?

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