You Should Read These Tweets Before Exposing Yourself To,’ Student Of The Year 2′

Student Of The Year was an unrealistic story of rich kids going to school, fighting for a trophy, that has no significance at all. Student Of The Year 2 is an unrealistic story of richer kids going to a school, fighting, running, and a lot of dancing.

There are some crazy mantras that these kids are following in their school life. Like it is okay to leave ditch your dream for your lover. ( what?)
It is okay to insult your faculty or get into fights for petty reasons. It is also okay to go inside your lover’s house unannounced however creepy or weird it may look. Everything in this movie is about a high-end school drama, in which education does not play a role.

Here is how Twitter reacted after surviving the movie :

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And if you already saw it SYMPATHIES.

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